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All summer long, Pole Dancing PTBO offer weekday and weeknight retreats, as well as our favourite: The Pole & Paddle mini retreat.

For custom private retreat quotes, contact us through email or through our Contact page.

Private Retreats:

-Up to 10 ppl (at private retreats you may share a pole with a friend)

-90 minutes of Pole (this qualifies as an Intro/prerequisite for first time pole students who wish to attend more classes)

-60 minutes Stand-up Paddle Board up the river

-60 minute Sunset Yoga class

-$600 +HST

Semi-private Retreats:

-Up to 5 ppl on their own pole

-90 minutes of pole

-60 minute Stand-up Paddle Board up the river

-60 Minute Sunset yoga class

-$130 +HST per person

Pole & Paddle:

-Only for students who have completed Intro to Pole or participated in a previous Pole Retreat

-90 minutes of Pole

-60 minute SUP on the river

-$60 plus HST per person

Custom Private Retreat Options:

-90 minute Pole workshops

-60 Standup Paddle board rental

-High Aerial Silks class on the bridge

-90 minute Lazy River tube float

* depending on current, this could take anywhere from an hour to 2 hours*

-60 minute yoga or barre class on the bridge

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