A huge part of Pole is actually performed on the floor around the pole. In Floor Work we will learn the smooth transitions from spins to floor work and different methods of traveling on the floor.

Knee pads are required and Pleasers are welcome!


Your Pleasers have finally arrived...YAY!!!

Next step (pun intended) is learning how to get the most out of them.

Shoes class will teach you tricks for feeling sturdy your feet, how to use your platform, where to avoid placing weight and how to land those spins without rolling an ankle.

*For online Shoes class a chair and knee-pads are required


Online Chair class is the saving grace for pole dancers in lock-down without a pole.

We have 2 styles: a fun flow class that we do in flat feet, or a Chair Choreography class with Pleasers (any heels will work and song requests are encouraged).

Be sure your chair is sturdy and high enough if you're dancing with heels on.


This is the class that will save you from feeling like you took a 6 week break off of pole when we return to the studio! Since we can't work on spins, we need to maintain and increase the strength the spins require...we're talking about that pole defenition that was starting to appear on your arms. We'll also work on getting those toes 'actually' pointed and enhancing our splits.


Just because we can't leave our house, doesn't mean we can't get dressed up in costumes, do our hair and throw on our fishnets! This class is a studio favourite, and just like our in studio version, we'll be learning a short choreography in costume, so layer up in a button-down shirt or jacket that you can remove.

The best footwear for Burlesque is a low, chunky jazz heal (avoid Pleasers and stilettos)

*Song requests encouraged


Technique is great, but it's not the same as dancing. Let's keep your memories sharp and practise some fun routines at home while we're stuck here!! If you can find a doorway, chair, kitchen sink or stairs in your house, we can make a fun choreography using any of them!! This class will be completely different everytime, depending on where we decide to dance and vidoes will be pre-recorded and sent out to students in advance to become familiar with. Taking location and song requests!

To resume once provincial lock-downs have been lifted

This is the class if you are trying pole for the first time - it is the basic foundation for all our other classes and will help you discover which direction to take.

An introduction to choreography, floor work, acro and spins, all broken down and mastered at a beginner's pace.

Once students have perfected this class, they will be graduated into

other classes by their instructors.


Difficulty of spins will increase and we will learn a variety of combos, incorporating floor work, based on individual ability level.

*Students are welcome to participate in Pleasers



Prerequisite: Graduation from Newby Pole

This class is designed to teach you more difficult inversions, leg hangs, lifts, and sits, combining these strength testing tricks with your pole spins. 

*Bare arms and legs are required.

*Do NOT apply any hand lotion prior to this class.

Prerequisite: Graduation from Newby Pole.
This class will have both an online and in class version this winter.
This class is a great cardio workout, as we try to keep moving constantly. We combine and repeat our spins, choreography and floorwork. These sequences are great to take home, if you're lucky enough to have a pole!


Prerequisite: Graduation from Newby Pole

A lot of dancers want to borrow the studio to work on their spins or choreography. We’re offering an hour of free time where you get to decide what you work on, under the supervision of one of our Pole Instructors.

*Students are welcome to participate in Pleasers

*Nothing new is taught in this class



This class focuses on exercises, progressions and combinations that will help you refine your exotic pole
dance technique. This class will also include opportunities to freestyle, facilitated through prompts to promote authentic and intentional movement.

*Heels are encouraged
*Knee pads are encouraged

*Due to the provocative nature of this workout, participants must be at least 18 years of age

* Explicit language music alert!


Prerequisite: Graduation from Newby Pole

This sexy class will incorporate Exotic Technique, Shoes, Spins and Floor work.

Always low lit with black lights. Always slowed down and performed to club music.

All students are encouraged to participate in Pleasers and knee pads and to submit song requests.

*Explicit language music alert!


Prerequisite: Graduation from Newby Pole

Pole Dancing class to LOUD alternative, rock and metal music.

Knee pads required.

*Song requests are highly encouraged




Prerequisite: Graduation from Newby Pole

This class will have both an online and in class version this winter.

We will have the opportunity to learn a dance and work on it over the course of several weeks.

Knee pads are required.

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