New to Pole Fitness?

The very first step if you are new to pole, is getting yourself into an INTRO TO POLE class.

*After completing your Intro to Pole you become a Newbie level dancer and can either register for a 6 week Newbie session (same time every week) or attend drop-ins.


NEWBIE- prerequisite: Completion of Intro to Pole

BEGINNER 1- prerequisite: Completion of 6 week Newbie session

BEGINNER 2- prerequisite: Graduation from Beginner 1

INTERMEDIATE- prerequisite: Graduation from Beginner 2


This 90 minute class is for students trying pole for the first time

Learn the basic foundation for all our other classes and discover which direction you want to take. An introduction to choreography, floor work, acro and spins, all broken down and mastered at a beginner's pace.

Once students have completed this class, they graduate into

Newbie level and can attend a wider variety of drop-in classes. 

$45 - This is a 90 minute class


*New class alert!!!"

60 min

This class is a mix of intro level pole dance, pilates and conditioning through sensual movement. A fun workout that helps us get in touch with our sensuality.

Comfortable clothing and knee pads are recommended, as we do some floor work.

We will be participating in bare feet, but students are welcome to wear their Pleasers at the end of class.


60 min

This has been a studio fave from day one.

Think Pussy Cat Dolls with a dash of cardio.



This class is not only great for working on your technique, but also for increasing upper body and grip strength!

We will learn a variety of combos, incorporating floor work, based on individual ability level.

*Students are welcome to participate in Pleasers and knee pads are recommended



60 min

Feel like getting dressed up in costumes, doing your hair, throwing on your fishnets and learning a fun routine that you can take home with you?!

It sounds like you're on your way to Burlesque class :D

The best footwear for Burlesque is a low, thicker jazz heal (try to avoid Pleasers and stilettos)

Wear layers that you can effortlessly remove, and of course, song requests are encouraged.



60 min

A fantastic conditioning class for pole dancers wanting to increase core strength.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a set of straps and handles, suspended from the ceiling, that combine elements of conditioning, pilates, and yoga-style stretches to guide the body back to its strength and full potential. With a 'Pilates meets Strength & Conditioning' style, these workouts are creative, fun, and for all levels of fitness.

POLE FLOW (With MOCHA the dog)

60 min

This class is great for students looking for a fun workout on their lunch breaks, or a mid-day sweat.

We cut right to the chase in this class and we keep moving the whole time, while repeating short pieces of choreography and combos so that we can sink into them without thinking too hard:

this the serious definition of 'FLOW'.

Get your heart rate up, but forget about boring treadmills: This is a non-stop dance party!

Unless otherwise requested, Mocha the dog will often attend this Thursday noon hour class.


*Bare arms and legs are required.

*Do NOT apply any hand lotion prior to this class.


Newbie Acro: No prerequisites

This class is for students who are just starting their pole journey. You will learn basic sits, holds, hangs and eventually inversions.

The following classes require completion of Intro to Pole as a prerequisite

All  students in levels Newbie through Intermediate are welcome to use this free time to work on what you've learned, at your own pace, with help from an instructor. Newbies, this is a great opportunity to see what our intermediate dancers can do.  


This class focuses on exercises, progressions and combinations that will help you refine your exotic pole
dance technique. This class will also include opportunities to freestyle, facilitated through prompts to promote authentic and intentional movement.

*Heels are encouraged
*Knee pads are encouraged

*Due to the provocative nature of this workout, participants must be at least 18 years of age

* Explicit language music alert!


Prerequisite: Graduation from Intro to Pole

Choreography classes train dancers to memorize a short routine that we learn through the course of an hour.

Newbie students can participate in bare feet and intermediate level students participate in Pleasers.

Don't be scared if you're new, we always offer some variations to accommodate your skill level ;)


This is EXACTLY what you think it is !!

For students who own roller skates and want an intense cardio workout, while fearlessly throwing themselves around the pole, wait no longer!  Poler skating is a hybrid match made in heaven and Pole Dancing PTBO can't wait to integrate theses two worlds of fun loving gals! So many people love the idea of roller skating, but are terrified of falling. When they have the pole for support, a lot of that fear disappears and they're able to focus on their feet! Come ready for some laughs!!!

*Protective gear is recommended


*Bare arms and legs are required.

*Do NOT apply any hand lotion prior to this class.


Newbie Acro:

This class is for students who are just starting their pole journey. You will learn basic sits, holds, hangs and eventually inversions.


Beginner/Intermediate Acro:

This class is only for students who have graduated Newbie acro, or students coming from other studios, who can perform inversions.


The following classes are for students who have completed from Beginner 1 session.


60 min

This sexy class will incorporate Exotic Technique, Shoes, Spins and Floor work.

Always low lit with club lights to set the vibe, always slowed down and performed to sexy music.

All students are encouraged to participate in Pleasers and knee pads... and to SUBMIT MANY MANY SONG REQUESTS!

*Explicit language music alert


60 min

Pole Dancing flow class to LOUD alternative, rock and metal music.

Knee pads required.

*Song requests are highly encouraged


60 min

This class is dedicated to knee rolls, crawls, drops and climbs. 

We do not recommend participating in this class before purchasing a pair of knee pads, which can be found at any sports apparel store.

*Students are welcome to participate with Pleasers