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We don't JUST offer Pole & Dance

Pole Dancing PTBO is thrilled to offer classes to our students with our sister company (and studio room mate) TRX Pilates PTBO

Students purchasing Ten-Class-Passes have the freedom to try classes from BOTH!

 What is TRX Pilates?

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a set of straps and handles that we use in our classes for toning and strengthening the entire body, starting from the core. ​

TRX Pilates incorporates elements of balance, flexibility, strength and conditioning, which keeps our heart rate elevated and helps us burn fat while having fun. ​

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Beginners class

New to fitness or returning back to fitness after some time off?

This class is designed to teach you the proper primal movements of fitness while continuing to work your abdominals. We start with core, glute, and shoulder stability, squats, pushes, pulls, and lunges.

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intermediate class

After you have mastered the foundations of fitness, we continue to evolve into power planks, handstands, conditioning drills, and balance work.

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restorative mobility


This class is a combination of dynamic stretches, fascial foam rolling and TRX stretches to restore the body and the mind. We include aroma therapy, chill music, and breathwork. When the body is restored, is capable of doing and achieving more

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